We Are Robin - Jokers vol.2 TPB

Kód: AK4901
Značka: DC
369 Kč
Kategorie: DC
Hmotnost: 0.5 kg
Autor: Lee Bermejo
Jazyk: angličtina
Počet stran: 144
Rok vydání: 2017
Vazba: brožovaná
Nakladatel: DC
EAN: 9781401264901
Following the epic events of the DC Universe-spanning crossover event ROBIN
WAR, the Robins are tired, tested and could use at least a little break from the
non-stop action of the world of crime-fighting and superheroics. The only
trouble is, the villains of Gotham see the aftermath of the Robin War as the
perfect opportunity to strike the worn out and weary teen wonders. One
particularly sadistic new force of evil has made it their mission to destroy the
Robins, one by one. This new movement laughs in the face of justice. They
believe in anger. They believe in fear. They believe in chaos. They
Collects WE ARE ROBIN #7-12.

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